The Global Health Research, Education and Translation (GHREAT) Program at UC Irvine was established by the Program in Public Health following the successful NIH Fogarty International Center for Advanced Studies in the Health Sciences for a Global Health Framework Program (5 R25 TW008125-02). UC Irvine GHREAT is committed to promoting global health awareness and developing a comprehensive global health research, education, and training program. Since the establishment of GHREAT, demand from undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty members to conduct global health research at UC Irvine and in foreign countries have grown rapidly. Affiliated faculty and students have received support from major organizations, including the National Institutes of Health, UC Global Health Institute, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UC Irvine, Merck pharmaceuticals, and USAID. Recent work includes creation of a compendium of videos as a tool to illustrate the effect of our global health research activities on the human beings afflicted with disease and infirmity in developing countries including Peru, Thailand, China, and Myanmar.