Global Health Certificate Program

The Global Health Certificate Program is designed to educate undergraduate students about global health issues and provide opportunities to engage in global health fieldwork either abroad or in a local community. Students will be required to complete courses in global health related studies, participate in the Global Health Journal Club, and complete a capstone project at the end of the program. Students' work will be presented in an end-of-year Colloquium, where they will present on their experiences, and submit an opinion piece to be published in an undergraduate global health journal.

Course Requirements:

Three core courses are required for the Global Health Certificate Program:

***Students have an option of petitioning alternative Public Health courses to count towards certificate completion. The certificate program must be completed during the student's undergraduate enrollment at UCI.

Global Health Certificate Program Checklist:

Once all course requirements have been concluded, please complete the checklist below and email it to Sandra M. Perez, Chief Administrative Officer, at

Download Global Health Certificate Program Checklist (pdf)

Global Health Journal Club:

Attendance and active participation in at least 4 Global Health Journal Club meetings, held monthly during the school year:

Global Health Mentorship Program:

Participation in the mentorship program as a mentor or mentee is required for 2 consecutive quarters:

Global Health Seminar Series:

Viewing of three GHREAT seminar series lectures and a half-page summary of the content from each. GHREAT seminar series can be found at: Some of the lectures are available on the OpenCourseware site.

Capstone Project:

At the culmination of the program, students will showcase what they have learned from their certificate experience by preparing a special research presentation in GHREAT or an education program through UTeach (seminar series, workshops, etc.) to showcase what they have learned and to encourage others to do the same. They will also submit an opinion piece to an undergraduate journal on a global health topic. Some of the journals include:

Contact Information:

Please direct all questions to