Peer Mentor Program

The GHREAT Program is excited to introduce the Peer Mentor Program, a valuable resource for students who are interested in pursuing global health research and service.  Students who enroll in this program will be assigned to a mentor who has had prior experience doing global health work either abroad or in a local community. Mentees will have the chance to communicate with their mentors via email and/or in-person meetings to discuss their interests in global health research and fieldwork.  Mentors are expected to be in good academic standing and to communicate regularly with their assigned mentees (at least 2 in-person meetings each quarter). In addition, both mentors and mentees are expected to submit summaries of their discussions within a week of their meetings.  If you have further questions about the Peer Mentor Program or are interested in being a mentor or mentee, please e-mail us at  

Applications for the Peer Mentor Program is due on December 4, 2016 at 11:59 pm.

Peer Mentors: