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Student Organizations


1: American Red Cross

The Red Cross Club is an active service club that promotes volunteering, community
service and critical global health causes. Red Cross Club members volunteer at local organizations such as the Second Harvest Food Bank and OC Rescue Mission, as well global initiatives such as malaria nets and access to clean water.

2: Anteaters and Medicine Abroad

Anteaters and Medicine Abroad (AMA) is a non-profit organization that is aimed toward providing health care for international communities. Founded at University of California, Irvine in Fall 2010 with a goal to provide aid to communities all over the world, we have challenged ourselves to do our best to accomplish these goals. Establishing free medical and surgical camps around the world may seem like a daunting task for many people, but our motivation and dedication toward helping others allow us to accomplish these challenging goals.

3: Engineering World Health

EWH at UCI is an interdisciplinary campus organization with health care projects that unite engineering, science, economics, public health, communications, and other fields. Through our projects and activities, we give student members experience in basic engineering skills (like soldering), product design and development, market research, and other skills to prepare them for their future careers. Our mission is to mobilize the UCI community to improve the quality of health care in vulnerable communities.

4: Flying Sams

The UCI Flying Sams provide health care for the indigent people of Mexico. Student, physicians, physician assistants, dentists, nurses, optometrists, pilots and other caring volunteers, from many different states, travel monthly to medical clinics throughout Mexico to provide free health care to people who would otherwise have none.

5: Global Health Journal Club

The Global Health Journal Club is dedicated to promoting awareness of global health issues in the UCI community through the analysis of news,trends, and research literature. By creating an open and engaging forum for the discussion of global health topics, students may increase their understanding of health issues both at home and abroad.

6: Global Medical Brigades at UCI

Find out how you can deliver medical supplies and care to a poverty-stricken areas in Central America. GMB leads teams of students and physicians to Honduras each year in order to provide medical care and develop sustainable health care practices.

7: Global Medical Training

Interested in providing healthcare to those that live in severe poverty? GMT takes students to Central America (Panama and Nicaragua) to provide medical services while also giving them a truly eye-opening experience that will expand their understanding of both medicine and life outside of the United States.

8: Global Water Brigades at UCI

Global Water Brigades at UCI is a student organization that prides itself in trying to provide clean and sanitary water conditions to underprivileged countries. Our goal is to send students and other volunteers to these underprivileged countries, in hopes of preventing water related illnesses around the world. Clean water conditions will be achieved through water treatment and infrastructural development. This club has potential to do great things around the world.

9: Global Zero

Global Zero is a movement that includes more than 300 political, military, business, faith, and civic leaders-- and hundreds of thousands of citizens-- working towards the phased, verified elimination of all nuclear weapons worldwide. Global Zero depends on today's youth to help lead the movement, with opportunities for leadership, education, and personal and professional growth. UC Irvine students have participated by attending Summits all over the world while meeting current and former heads of state, military commanders, national security advisors, celebrities, and business, civic and faith leaders to strategize on building the movement.

10: International Medicine Education Development

IMED is a volunteer organization that engages students both locally and globally. Students
of any major can take part in the organization's Global Action Project, Orphanage Project, or
HealthSmart Project and make an impact in health care and education.

11: Medical, Educational, Missions and Outreach (MEMO)

Focuses on four main projects to bring much needed medical care and education to people in Vietnam: medical missions, Hope Project, Scholarship Program, Heart Program.

12: Olive Tree Initiative

The Olive Tree Initiative aims to promote dialogue and discussion regarding the Israeli- Arab conflict. This educational student-led initiative is modeled after empiricism- gaining knowledge through experience. Students travel to the region and learn about the conflict from a personal perspective, independent of the media.

13: PreHealth Alliance

To spread awareness to the community as a pre-health organization working with all
subfields (Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Public Health, etc.) of medicine. Here we aim to network amongst
ourselves as well as different influential organizations in hopes to educate and inspire the people and
future pre-health care professionals. Newly established at UCI, we hope to expand regionally and even
nationally some day

14: Project RISHI

Project RISHI (Rural India Social & Health Improvement) is a national non-profit, student-run organization whose mission is to promote the sustainable development and growth of rural Indian communities. In partnership with social enterprises and local community members, we strive to identify issues of concern to our target communities and then provide the resources necessary to implement
comprehensive solutions through field research, on-campus initiatives, and collaboration with social enterprises. "

15: Public Health Association

The purpose of this organization is to explore and promote academic and career issues related to the field of public health, and to help those interested in the field to get to know one another better outside the classroom.

16: Public Health Brigades

Public Health Brigades (PHB) in UCI is part of an international network of students and professionals that work to identify community health threats and implement public health solutions in rural communities in Honduras and Ghana. The holistic PHB model addresses three methods of prevention for the complete care of our communities: education, community health sustainability, and infrastructural improvement.

17: Student Health Outreach

Hello, we are Student Health Outreach, a community service club on campus that focuses on service related to health fields. Some events hosted by us include teddy bear clinics where we teach preschoolers about doctor visits, local community health fairs where our members have the opportunity to work with health professionals, and AIDS awareness presentations at high schools. We also provide opportunities for members to participate in other service events hosted by third-party organizations. We're open to all majors so if you're interested we meet on Wednesdays in PSCB 120 at 5:00pm. Come out and join us!

18: Students for Integrative Medicine

Students For Integrative Medicine (SIM) is a medical/pre-medical student interest group at University of California Irvine. Our members encompass but are not limited to undergraduates, graduate, and medical students of UC Irvine. We are affiliated with UC Irvine School of Medicine as well as Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine at UC Irvine department of Medicine. Our goal is to educate both the public and students about integrative medicine, its role in healthcare and to further the collaborative efforts of medical innovations by integrating different modalities from nutritional science, complementary medicine, mind-body medicine, neuroscience and etc. We progress towards our goal through promoting early interest in integrative medicine, as well as establishing coalition between undergraduates, medical students and faculty members interested in integrative medicine.

19: World Health Organization of Students (WHOS)

To represent World Health Organization of Students at UCI as an organization that gives back to the community and raises awareness about health related topics occurring around the world.