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1: Public Health Seminar. Global Health: An Infectious Disease Focused Response


2: Rape in Nigeria, the silent epidemic among adolescents living with HIV


3: Global Health Day 2014 ~ International Veterinary Outreach


4: Global Health Day 2014 ~ The Organic Health Response


5: Global Health Day 2014 ~ Building Translational Science Capacity in East Africa


6: Global Health Day 2014 ~ Global Health Challenges for Veterinarians


7: Global Health Day 2014 ~ Around the World in 3 Minutes: Global Health Tales


8: Global Health Day 2014 ~ Vietnam Tooth Project


9: Global Health Day 2014 ~ Choose a Life that Matters


10: Global Health Day ~ In the Name of Prevention


11: Global Health Day 2014 ~ One World, One Health


12: Global Health Day 2014 ~ What Inspires Me


13: No Butts About it: Rectal Microbicides and HIV Prevention for Anal Intercourse


14: HPV Vaccine Implementation in Developing Countries: translating research evidence into successful programs


15: Virtual Global Health: Computational Modeling and Simulation


16: Project Accept: Community-based HIV-Prevention


17: HIV and Reproductive Choices and Challenges: Provider and Client Perspectives from South Africa


18: Conducting research in rural Appalachia - cultural and practical considerations


19: Partner violence among methamphetamine-using women at risk for HIV


20: Behavioral Interventions in Support of HIV/AIDS Prevention in the Philippines


21: Addressing the need to combat infectious diseases through innovations in vaccine design, development and introduction & Occupational Mobility and Depression among the Foreign Born